Chimney Safety



Celebrating 20 Years
1982 - 2002


Home Safety

With energy costs increasing, many homeowners are turning (and returning) to fireplaces, wood stoves and even oil furnaces for heat.
If you've decided, for whatever reason, to burn oil, wood, pellets, or gas…it's time to learn about the care and maintenance of your appliance.  For starters, ALWAYS count on a CSIA Certified chimney sweep!  
The Georgia Chimney Sweep Guild has put a great deal of time, effort and resources into assuring that industry standards are not only met, but are also increases.  Our members know that continuing education is the only way to stay abreast of codes and regulations, and they invest their own time and money to attend seminars, workshops and trade shows throughout the year to increase their knowledge in the field.  Membership is predicated upon agreeing to a Code of Ethics, which requires professionalism, excellent service and an honest portrayal of all necessary work and/or repairs.  In addition, a Certified sweep is familiar with the entire venting system of your home.
To help you understand the various components of your chimney, we've created a graphic representation of both masonry and pre-fab chimneys.
Of course, there are many accessories that increase the value of your chimney, and parts like dampers, pans, caps and shrouds that work to keep heat in and the elements (and animals) out!  Following is a link to a glossary of terms we hope will be helpful to you.
Prefabricated Chimney Diagram & Glossary